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Wedding Cheesecakes anyone?

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Thu 15

Ever thought of getting rid of tradition and going for something slightly different for your wedding cake? What about going for cheesecake instead? Double it up as dessert and save a few pennies too.

For my husbands birthday I asked him what sort of birthday cake he wanted and without thinking he said, “Cheesecake!”. Right, I thought, last time I attempted one of these it took £10 of cream cheese and far more effort than driving to the shops and picking one out of the chilled section! But as it was his ‘birthday wish’ I knew I had to hand make it. We had just returned from a trip in Vietnam, where we had been spoilt with tropical fruit, so my immediate thought was passion fruit or mango, or both :)

After scouring the internet, I found the perfect recipe. Not too expensive or difficult! Then following a trip to the supermarket where they were out of passionfruit, just mango it was then! The outcome was yummy, I would recommend a coulis of some sort but it looked and tasted great. Find the recipe here. What do you think of the outcome…

Baked Mango Cheesecake

Baked Mango Cheesecake

This got me thinking, this would be a great idea as an alternative to wedding cake. I have popped together some of my fav options, with traditional tier, filled with flowers, coved in chocolate, mini ones, and dessert tables. Which one would you choose?

tiered cheesecake wedding

Tiered Wedding Cheesecakes

cheesecake dessert tables

Wedding Cheesecake dessert tables

1. Floral Tiered Wedding CheeseCake, Mary’s Cakes and Pasteries; 2. Strawberry Tiered Wedding Cheesecake, The English Cheesecake Company; 3. Wedding Cheesecake table, The Cheesecake Factory; 4.Mini Wedding Cheesecakes, 24 Carrots

alternativecheesecakedessert tablesmini cakeswedding cake

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